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Ref Job Title Category Type Business Name Location Language(s)
2281Uniform Room AttendantHousekeeping / LaundryFull-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
701Spa ReceptionistSpa / Health Club / Recreation / PoolFull-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
314Chef de PartieKitchen / PastryFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
2633Seasonal GardenerGrounds/ Gardens/ FloristFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEurope
1816Hair Stylist On-Call Spa / Health Club / Recreation / PoolPart-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
1386Server AM or PMRestaurantPart-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
2029StewardKitchen / PastryFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish, Spanish
1302Pastry CookKitchen / PastryFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
1633BartenderBarFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
2662Sous ChefAccounts / FinanceFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish, Spanish
1766Human Resources Assistant HRFull-TimeInn at Perry Cabin by BelmondNorth AmericaEnglish, Spanish
1717Housekeeper/Room AttendantHousekeeping / LaundryPart-TimeInn at Perry Cabin by BelmondNorth AmericaEnglish
2589DriverTransportationFull-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
764Overnight Bell PersonGuest or Passenger ServicesPart-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
2661Assistant Financial ControllerAccounts / FinanceFull-TimeBelmond Mount Nelson HotelSouthern AfricaEnglish
2481Hotel ManagerExecutive Office / AdministrationFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
336Commis de RangRestaurantFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
417Restaurant ReceptionistRestaurantFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
2420Casual Room AttendantHousekeeping / LaundryPart-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
555Front of House PorterReception / Front DeskFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
1957BartenderRestaurantFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
2183Commis ChefKitchen / PastryFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
2433Reservations and Sales Agent Reservations / GroupsFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
2436Room AttendantHousekeeping / LaundryFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
1922Makeup Artist On-CallSpa / Health Club / Recreation / PoolPart-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
2660Sales and Marketing Administrative AssistantSalesFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
1902Director of HousekeepingHousekeeping / LaundryFull-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
2657Director of Leisure Sales, Northeast & Director of LGBT Sales, AmericasSalesFull-TimeBelmondNorth AmericaEnglish
2659Pool Server seasonalSpa / Health Club / Recreation / PoolFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
990Banquet ServerConference and Banqueting (Operations)Part-TimeInn at Perry Cabin by BelmondNorth AmericaEnglish
1269Overnight Cook/CleanerKitchen / PastryFull-TimeInn at Perry Cabin by BelmondNorth AmericaEnglish
352Coffee Bar AttendantRestaurantFull-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
2651Events CoordinatorConference and Banqueting (Operations)Full-TimeBelmond Hotel CarusoEuropeEnglish, Italian
2080Maintenance TechnicianMaintenance (hotels)Full-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
2356Meeting at Market BartenderBarFull-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
2656Banquet BusserRestaurantPart-Time'21'North AmericaEnglish
2655Staff Accountant (Temporary)Accounts / FinanceFull-Time'21'North AmericaEnglish
2653Cook (PM)Kitchen / PastryFull-Time'21'North AmericaEnglish
2654Coat Room Attendant/Elevator OperatorRestaurantPart-Time'21'North AmericaEnglish
2652Shipping and Receiving ClerkPurchasing / Stores / CellarFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
2650Jefe de Recursos HumanosHRFull-TimeBelmond Sanctuary LodgeSouth AmericaEnglish
2649Food and Beverage ManagerRestaurantFull-TimeBelmond La Résidence d'AngkorAsiaEnglish, Italian, German
617Charleston Grill Food RunnerRestaurantPart-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
2371ParalegalLegalFull-TimeBelmond (UK) LtdEuropeEnglish
1016DishwasherStewardingFull-TimeInn at Perry Cabin by BelmondNorth AmericaEnglish
1292Massage Therapist On-CallSpa / Health Club / Recreation / PoolPart-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
1399RunnerRestaurantFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
1332Overnight CookKitchen / PastryPart-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
1431Cafeteria CookKitchen / PastryFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
1304In-Room Dining CaptainRestaurantFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
2461DoormanGuest or Passenger ServicesFull-TimeBelmond Mount Nelson HotelSouthern AfricaEnglish
2647Seasonal PositionGuest or Passenger ServicesFull-TimeInn at Perry Cabin by BelmondNorth AmericaEnglish
1716SeamstressHousekeeping / LaundryFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
2381Seasonal Cocktail Server RestaurantFull-TimeInn at Perry Cabin by BelmondNorth AmericaEnglish
2646Sales and Marketing Coordinator (B2B and APAC)SalesFull-TimeBelmond (UK) LtdEuropeEnglish
2645Maitre BanquetingRestaurantFull-TimeBelmond Hotel CiprianiEuropeEnglish, Italian
1066Director of F&BRestaurantFull-TimeInn at Perry Cabin by BelmondNorth AmericaEnglish
498Refreshment Center AttendantRestaurantFull-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
2644Cluster Income Auditor, Trains and CruisesAccounts / FinanceFull-TimeBelmond Trains and Cruises OfficeEuropeEnglish
2610HR & Operations Co-ordinator, Trains and CruisesHRFull-TimeBelmond Trains and Cruises OfficeEuropeEnglish
2469Executive Head Chef, UK Day TrainsKitchen / PastryFull-TimeBelmond British PullmanEuropeEnglish
2470Operations Director, Belmond British PullmanOn board staffFull-TimeBelmond British PullmanEuropeEnglish
2399Casual Baggage HandlerStewardingPart-TimeBelmond British PullmanEuropeEnglish
2499Food and Beverage Waiter/ WaitressOn board staffFull-TimeBelmond British PullmanEuropeEnglish
1729Casual Food and Beverage AssistantOn board staffPart-TimeBelmond British PullmanEuropeEnglish
1412Estagiario de GastronomiaKitchen / PastryPart-TimeBelmond Copacabana PalaceSouth AmericaBrazilian Portuguese
2642Wine Cellar AttendantPurchasing / Stores / CellarPart-Time'21'North AmericaEnglish
2641Assistant Banquet ManagerConference and Banqueting (Operations)Full-Time'21'North AmericaEnglish
2640Waterfront ConciergeTours / ExcursionsPart-TimeInn at Perry Cabin by BelmondNorth AmericaEnglish
2639Shuttle Driver/ConciergeTransportationPart-TimeInn at Perry Cabin by BelmondNorth AmericaEnglish
2012Supervisor(a) de AndarHousekeeping / LaundryFull-TimeBelmond Copacabana PalaceSouth AmericaPortuguese, English

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