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Below is the list of vacancies that have been posted. Results can be sorted by clicking on the column headings. Click on the job title to see more information.
Ref Job Title Category Type Business Name Location Language(s)
2081Lobby AttendantHousekeeping / LaundryFull-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
920Front Office AgentReception / Front DeskFull-TimeBelmond Mount Nelson HotelSouthern Africa
2702HVAC MechanicMaintenance (hotels)Full-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
2701Regional Compensation SupervisorHRFull-TimeBelmondEuropeItalian, English
2700Leisure Sales ManagerSalesFull-TimeInn at Perry Cabin by BelmondNorth America
2011Ajudante de ConfeitariaKitchen / PastryFull-TimeBelmond Copacabana PalaceSouth AmericaPortuguese
1721Charleston Grill Sous ChefKitchen / PastryFull-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
1325Busser AM and PMRestaurantFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
1305In-Room Dining Telephone AgentRestaurantPart-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
2468EngineerMaintenance (hotels)Full-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
2029StewardKitchen / PastryFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish, Spanish
2699Sales Support Manager, Trains & CruisesReservations / GroupsFull-TimeBelmond Reservation Centre, CharlestonNorth AmericaEnglish
2698Salon CoordinatorSpa / Health Club / Recreation / PoolPart-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
2697Hair StylistSpa / Health Club / Recreation / PoolFull-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
2696Salon ManagerSpa / Health Club / Recreation / PoolFull-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
2695Brand DirectorMarketingFull-TimeBelmond (UK) LtdEuropeEnglish
2691IT Project ManagerITFull-TimeBelmond (UK) LtdEuropeEnglish
2183Commis ChefKitchen / PastryFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
2031Income Auditor / Accounts AssistantAccounts / FinanceFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
2435Night PorterGuest or Passenger ServicesFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
2694Project Manager - Project Management OfficeExecutive Office / AdministrationFull-TimeBelmondEuropeEnglish
2692IT ManagerITFull-Time'21'North AmericaEnglish
1399RunnerRestaurantFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
1431Cafeteria CookKitchen / PastryFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
1302Pastry CookKitchen / PastryFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
2139Overnight Valet part-timeReception / Front DeskPart-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth America
2499Food and Beverage Waiter/ WaitressOn board staffFull-TimeBelmond British PullmanEuropeEnglish
1729Casual Food and Beverage AssistantOn board staffPart-TimeBelmond British PullmanEuropeEnglish
2399Casual Baggage HandlerStewardingPart-TimeBelmond British PullmanEuropeEnglish
2610HR & Operations Co-ordinator, Trains and CruisesHRFull-TimeBelmond Trains and Cruises OfficeEuropeEnglish
2636Travel Support (Reservations)Reservations / GroupsFull-TimeBelmond Trains and Cruises OfficeEuropeEnglish
2686Executive ChefKitchen / PastryFull-TimeBelmond Hotel das CataratasSouth AmericaBrazilian Portuguese, English, Spanish
2690Social Media ExecutiveMarketingFull-TimeBelmondEuropeEnglish, Italian
2608Hotel ManagerGuest or Passenger ServicesFull-TimeBelmond OrcaellaAsiaEnglish
2629Belmond Tours Operations ManagerTours / ExcursionsFull-TimeBelmond Road to MandalayAsiaEnglish
2607Hotel ManagerGuest or Passenger ServicesFull-TimeBelmond Road to MandalayAsiaEnglish
2687Events Cooridinator/Administrator SalesFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
2688Private Events ManagerSalesFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
2481Hotel ManagerExecutive Office / AdministrationFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
2633Seasonal GardenerGrounds/ Gardens/ FloristFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEurope
314Chef de PartieKitchen / PastryFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
2436Room AttendantHousekeeping / LaundryFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
2115Linen PorterHousekeeping / LaundryFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
336Commis de RangRestaurantFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
335Floor HousekeeperHousekeeping / LaundryFull-TimeBelmond Le Manoir aux Quat'SaisonsEuropeEnglish
1859Banquet BartenderRestaurantPart-Time'21'North AmericaEnglish
2173ArrumadorHousekeeping / LaundryFull-TimeBelmond Copacabana PalaceSouth AmericaBrazilian Portuguese
498Refreshment Center AttendantRestaurantFull-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
2684Director of BanquetsConference and Banqueting (Operations)Full-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
2474Charleston Grill Server AssistantRestaurantPart-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
296Security AgentSecurityFull-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
1301Guest Service AgentReception / Front DeskFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
2682Director of Sales - AsiaSalesFull-TimeBelmondAsiaEnglish, French
2103HousepersonHousekeeping / LaundryFull-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
2680Internal IT Audit ManagerAccounts / FinanceFull-TimeBelmond (UK) LtdEuropeEnglish
2002Palmetto Cafe ServerRestaurantFull-TimeBelmond Charleston PlaceNorth AmericaEnglish
2672Senior Train TechnicianMechanics / Maintenance (Trains, Cruises)Full-TimeBelmond Northern BelleEuropeEnglish
2678Junior AccountantAccounts / FinanceFull-TimeBelmondAsiaEnglish
2670Shipping and Receiving ClerkPurchasing / Stores / CellarFull-TimeBelmond El EncantoNorth AmericaEnglish
2679Sales Manager-group salesSalesFull-TimeBelmondAsiaEnglish

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